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Natural stone facts

When it comes to flooring options, few are more beautiful and elegant than natural stone. The types of natural stone include granite, slate, sandstone, marble and limestone. What makes it different from most flooring types is the variability in porosity, fragility and maintenance. There are many things to consider when considering natural stone flooring, so we recommend you speak to one of the professionals at Action Carpet & Floor Decor to make sure you’re choosing the right type of natural stone flooring for the room in which you’re placing it. Some things to consider are:


Flooring retailers use this ranking to portray the uniformity of the natural stone materials involved in the floor. A grade 1 is given to flooring that is uniform throughout and high quality, while a grade 3 is given to flooring stone that has a lot of variability in smoothness, shape and quality

Coefficient of friction

Specific types of natural flooring can be more slippery than others. This ratio should be considered when you’re looking to place natural stone in an environment that can get wet, such as bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.

Absorption rating

This is a rating given that determines the porosity of natural stone. It ranges from impervious, where the materials involved resist moisture from spills and liquids to non-vitreous, where there is a high absorption level and should not be used in any damp environment.

Indoor vs. outdoor rating

Combining all of the other elements of grading in natural stone, you’ll notice certain types won’t lend themselves well to outdoor spaces due to lower absorption rating or lower coefficients of friction.

Feel free to browse our catalog of natural stone here or stop by the Action Carpet & Floor Decor to speak to one of our natural stone flooring experts.

Natural stone info

Comprehensive selection of natural stone tile at Action Carpet & Floor Decor

If you've been shopping for a flooring product that is sturdy, easy to care for, natural stone offers your home exceptional artistry and will add resale value to your home. To discover budget-conscious prices on natural stone in the Oceanside area, Action Carpet & Floor Decor is the flooring store for you. Thanks to the stability of stone beneath a layer of sealant, most natural stone floors will persist for an undoubtedly extensive time while still retaining their class. If the right way applied and the care instructions are followed, it could remain a choice adornment in your house for as much time as as you want. Varied types of stone have multifarious levels of durability, but a number are moisture resistant, unaffected by scratches and resistant to stains.

If spills and abrasive particles are handled more or less quickly with common cleaning supplies as easy as a dust mop or paper towel, it should present no threat to your purchase. Natural stone is one of the most basic flooring materials to disinfect. Making sure to keep it absent of dust and abrasive particles generally and using a dampened rag as necessary can extend the stretch of time between refinishings considerably. Any time a substantial amount of destruction does take place, or after a lengthened increase in tremendous foot traffic or weathering, natural stone could be refinished and resealed; this brings back its genuine quality.

The class of natural stone is irrefutable. It's trying to look at marble and not imagine the epicurean art of ancient Greece, and seeing slate might remind you of images of a royal castle, topped with towers and turrets. Marble, limestone, slate, travertine and granite are provided in their own notable colors and textures, and each supplies your home a matchless and impressive impression.

Types of natural stone flooring

Marble, granite and limestone are the most popular kinds of stones used today. Because this stone is completely natural and not made from a print or template, every single tile will be completely unique. These materials are mined from quarries and consequently, no two stones are ever the same. Important note: Due to their high porosity, stone tile does need to be sealed and maintained, although this doesn't require much effort and this makes them a very popular choice in many homes today.

Some types of natural stone flooring include:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Onyx
  • Quartzite
  • Sandstone
  • Rocks
  • Slate
  • Limestone

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Tile StoreAction Carpet & Floor Decor is the reputable place to turn to for natural stone tile in Oceanside and San Diego, California. Having served the community for dozens of years, we are able to provide products and services unlike any other flooring store in the area. Located in Oceanside, California, we are able to serve the following locations:

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...and all other surrounding areas.

If you would like to learn more about our natural stone tile products, our flooring team welcomes you to call us today at (708) 726-9777, or complete the "Request A Consultation" form on this page. Here, a member of our team will quickly reply to your request and answer any questions that you may have - It's 100% FREE!

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