A Quick Guide to Choosing Carpet

One of the most difficult selections to make when doing a home remodel or changing your flooring is carpeting.??? The sheet variety of what?s available to you in the way of color, texture, fiber type, look and, most importantly, feel can be overwhelming.? When there is a budget to consider, the problem becomes all the more complicated.? But carpet can change the entire feel of a house, so it?s vital you chose the right one for your needs and lifestyle. That is why we here at Action Carpet & Floor D?cor have put together this helpful set of things to consider when choosing your carpet.?
Before you start shopping for carpet, assess the area:

Carpet is sold by the square foot, so it is important to know exactly how big the area that you are planning to refinish is.? Do not underestimate size ? do a careful measurement with a standardized measuring tool.??

Estimated Wear and Tear
Do a rough estimate of how much traffic you are expecting the area to receive.? Are you re-flooring a room that your family uses heavily, such as the living room or entrance hall?? Are you refurbishing a study, which will subject the carpet to the relentless roll of a desk chair?? Do you have pets or small children, which may subject your carpet to a higher stain frequency?? Make a clear list of your requirements in this regard, and take it with your when you are buying flooring.??

Types of Carpet
There are two basic structural categories:

Woven Carpet
Woven carpets are traditionally created by weaving pile yarn and backing fabric together, creating a hardy, flatter, tough textile which tends to last a long time, though more expensive than the standard tufted carpet.???

Tufted Carpet
Tufted Carpets are perhaps the most common and cost effective.? Made by inserting yarn into a backing fabric and adding another fabric layer, these carpets come in may varieties, making them the perfect option when considering new flooring.

Types of Tufted Carpet

made from continuous fiber loops, either level loops or multi-level loops for different textures.? Berber Carpet is flat, stain resistant and extremely durable.

Textured Carpet is made from yarn tufts cut to different lengths.? The textures hide dirt and wear, making this option great for areas that experience high foot-traffic.??

Frieze carpet is made from twisted cut fibers.? It?s a more lush version of the textured carpet and fancier than the Berber.?

There are many other types of tufted carpets; but armed with these few basics, you can go forth and start your research into your fantastic new flooring.? If you get stuck, don?t hesitate to call us at Action Carpet & Floor D?cor.? Our qualified consultants will always be happy to help. ?