Does the core matter when choosing waterproof flooring?

Does the core matter when choosing waterproof flooring?

The core matter is an essential feature of your waterproof floors. This can be the factor that saves your flooring from water damage and more.

You'll hear several terms when cores are spoken of; one is likely better than the others for your needs. Consider the following facts as you pick your waterproof options.

What is a core material?

The core is the layer in the middle, with a backing layer beneath it, for stability and support. On top of the core are the image, wear, and protective layers, all, pressed together.

Each layer has its job, and the core layer protects waterproof floors against water damage. Made of various materials, it doesn't swell or soak up liquids.

Wood plastic composit

One of the most common materials you'll hear about is wood plastic composite or WPC. This layer consists of wood by-products, including resin, and offers a rigid result.

These products are easy to install, with various options, in any room. You can usually walk on your new floors as soon as the installation is complete.

Stone plastic composite

Stone plastic composite (SPC) has waterproof flooring options that feature a core made of limestone and stabilizers. The result is a solid underfoot experience that caters to your waterproof needs.

Because this material is harder, it's usually thinner than WPC but offers a more rigid result. These are often used in floating floors with outstanding results.

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