High end hardwood

Many homeowners considering an upgrade can choose to go with flooring options that are long- lasting. High-end hardwood floors are an excellent option for those who want to update their homes or increase the resale value of their property. Hardwood flooring comes in different varieties and are suited for different styles of homes.


Creating a casual style can be achieved with a distressed wooden finish. Upscale choices like parquet flooring can really add a degree of elegance for the property. If aiming for a traditional appeal, the darker hues in flooring are a wonderful choice. A lighter, airy feel can be achieved with a lighter flooring color. Larger areas are best suited for wider planks while smaller spaces work well with narrower pieces.


Selecting hardwood floors is a major decision and a tough one to make. Different species of flooring with an array of finishes make it difficult to decide on a specific style. Colonial style homes may be better suited forHigh-end hardwoodMaple or Oak-style flooring. Contemporary flooring options may incorporate rich finishes like dark charcoal or pewter. For a much more formal feel, finer graining styles of flooring may be recommended.
Hardwood flooring has been around a long time and won't be going anywhere. It remains a classic floor covering and some types of hardwood are classified as high-end flooring.

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